Shibboleth Consulting

Shibboleth allows developers to require authentication with University Pawprints and passwords. A server that has shibboleth implemented and required (through .htaccess) will redirect the user to the Shibboleth server, which does the actual authentication. Once authenticated, the user is returned the server and is logged into that server and ALL servers running shibboleth for 8 hours. However, Shibboleth does not do authorization. This can be done at the .htaccess level or via the application.




Shibboleth is a powerful option that is being used and/or implemented all over campus. Odds are you have already visited a site that has a "shibbolized" server. This is the log in screen:

Shibboleth Login Screen


The ADN has already used this service on both of its Wiki implementations.  For more information please visit the Wiki product page. The ADN can offer its services as a consultant to help you implement shibboleth on a DoIT maintained web server.  The Linux CSG Team is responsible for the implementation and then we finish with training about how to access the log in information.  This does not include web development to implement "shibbolized" code (other than the wiki product).  At this time, ADN will not be able to assist in the implementation of shibboleth on a non-DoIT Maintained web server.  We are willing to assist you by getting you into contact with the right people. For more details or start a conversation about how you can use shibboleth or to request help from the ADN, then complete the New Project Idea Form.