Location Information Manager

The Location Information Manager (LIM) is a web-based administration tool that provides departments the ability to quickly and easily maintain information regarding locations within their organization.  For instance, hours of operation, descriptions, pictures, building coordinators, main phone number, locations within buildings, etc. can be entered, stored, and updated via LIM.  This information can then be distributed by an associated Web Service in XML & JSON format.  Applications such as GoMizzou and departmental websites can then consume the XML or JSON.


For more technical information about web services click here.


The end users of this tool are organization and location managers.  The consumers of the web service's data are department websites, mobile apps, digital signage, etc.  Use of LIM and its web service is granted through a request send to the ADN.


Current Status

End Users

  • The Applications Development Network
  • MU Libraries
  • The Rec Complex
  • Campus Dining
  • DoIT Computing Sites
  • School of Journalism
  • Res Life
  • Student Life
  • UMSL

Target Audience

  • MU Departments
  • GoMizzou

Impact on Sponsors and End Users

The Location Information Manager primarily allows an organization to keep its hours of operation updated in one place and then allow those hours to be used in several places including their own website. This method will help replace paper, PDF, Excel and html hard coding processes. The organizations website can through use of web services have fully updated hours of operation at all times. The location information can also be sent to other applications including GoMizzou to allow students, faculty and staff to check hours of operation on the go.


Planned Features and Enhancements

  • Maps Upgrade